Why Quartz Stone Slabs Are A Better Choice For Building Projects Than Marbles

When it comes to building materials, most people know nothing about which one would suit the project more. Make sure you are doing your research beforehand and taking the time to figure out exactly what you need for your project, as these things can be expensive and time-consuming. In this article, we make a list of the pros of quartz stone slabs and why you should choose them as building materials instead of marbles.

How do slabs of quartz compare to marbles?

Quartz slab is a popular building stone because it is strong, durable, and easy to work with. Here are four reasons why quartz slabs are a better choice for a variety of construction projects than marbles:

  1. Being a natural stone, Marble is highly expensive. Moreover, A marble slab is likely to darken over time and the texture of marble is softer and porous which means it is highly prone to damage and the cost of maintenance can be huge.
  2. Marble slabs can be difficult to work with: Marble slabs are a very hard material to work with, which can be a challenge if you are trying to cut or shape it into the desired shape. And quartz stone slab is easy to cut and install.
  3. Quartz slabs are easier to clean: Marble slabs are harder to clean than quartz, which can lead to build-up over time. Quartz also doesn’t require as much maintenance as granite does, meaning that it will not require regular cleaning or sealing.
  4. Quartz Slabs Are More Affordable: Although quartz may cost more in the beginning, its durability and resistance to chemicals make it a wise investment over time. Due to the durable properties of these quartz stone slabs, they require less cleaning during use, resulting in less maintenance cost.

Places where you can find quartz stone slabs

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