What did Mehmet Akif Ersoy, the great poet who wrote the national anthem of our Republic, mean by saying the afak of the west in this word ?

Garb means west in Arabic. The word garb used to mean the direction in which the sun sets. In the word garb, it means “of the west”. Afakta here means horizon. The word afak of the west means the horizons of the west.
We tried to give information about what is the meaning of the west, what is the meaning of the west, for those who are wondering We hope it worked for you. You can support us with your comments and explanations.

We share that continent that started with the aphakia of the west for you. One of the 10 stanzas of our national anthem, the stanza that begins with the aphak of the west is as follows.

Steel armored wall
, if it has covered the west, I have a frontier like my faith-filled chest.
My nation, do not be afraid! How can such a faith suffocate,
the monster you call Civilization with only one tooth left.

Here is what the great poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy wanted to say.
It is incompatible with civilization that the western society, which is proud of its civilization, tries to invade our country.
He cries out to the nation that if they have civilization, my nation has faith, that our nation’s faith can prevent the monstrosities that they have done to them under the name of civilization.

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