The R32 Heat Pump: The Most Advanced Heating System In Residential Applications

When you’re looking for a new home, the most important thing is to have an efficient heating system. The R32 Heat Pump is designed with efficiency and comfort in mind, providing steady and comfortable heat so that you can enjoy your home’s interior all throughout the year.

Why is Poolworld’s R32 heat pump more comfortable and energy-efficient?

  1. Because to Poolworld’s sophisticated and advanced full DC inverter technology, the heating time of this series of house heat pumps is quicker, more steady, and more comfortable. It can prevent repeated system startup and increase the working efficiency of the compressor by intelligently adjusting the operating frequency of the compressor in accordance with the environment. Thus, an R32 heat pump can save 75% more energy than a conventional heating system and 50% more energy than an ON/OFF air source heat pump.
  2. The Poolworld R32 heat pump features several noise reduction technologies, proper wind field flow channel design, and noise reduction treatment for compressors, boxes, and other equipment through removal, isolation, and suction.
  3. To ensure the best possible system pressure, more operational efficiency, more stability, a larger air volume, and reduced noise, the R32 heat pump can be equipped with a full DC brushless inverter motor and stepless speed regulation.


POOLWORLD was founded in 2008 and today leads the industry as a producer of heat pumps and a global supplier of complete heating systems that use less energy. One of the company’s most cutting-edge products, the R32 heat pump, has a number of extra parameters that can be found here based on your unique requirements. All you have to do to get in touch with us.

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