OKVIP – Asia’s No. 1 Prestigious Entertainment Alliance

OKVIP is no longer a strange name to all bettors. With the mission of providing good service quality and implementing many volunteer programs filled with humanitarian elements. The article below will introduce to readers in detail about the second largest entertainment media company in Asia.

A few words about the OKVIP alliance

The company was born in 2016 with the first name Taipei 101, after a period of continuous development, it officially changed its name to Taipei 101.OKVIP. This new name went along with the company’s success at that time. Besides, the presence of many partners has helped OVIP develop further and become popular in many countries including Vietnam.

At the same time, with its professionalism, the company has built a team of extremely talented employees. To serve the entertainment needs of a number of players around the world.

Brief introduction about OKVIP

Development history and recruitment needs of the company

Since its launch, the company has only specialized in the technology field, after a period of research and learning. The website has made leaps and bounds to affirm its position as Asia’s No. 1 online gaming entertainment market.

That’s why the company regularly offers attractive job opportunities for everyone. As follows:

  • 2016: The alliance was established, headquartered in Manila and quickly opened a branch in Moc Bai – Cambodia.
  • October 202: Great success and market expansion,love This brand continues to recruit personnel to supplement and serve the needs of players.
  • Year 2021: During this time, although the whole world is suffering from the Covid epidemic. But the company is still recruiting personnel and attracting 1,000 workers to register for recruitment. Create jobs for everyone.
  • August 2021 to April 2022: Gaining the trust and approval of many partners,OKVIP tuyển dụng Add more staff continuously. At this time, the number of employees increased significantly.
  • 2023 until now: The company continues to grow strongly with the talented leadership of CEOs and OKVIP leaders. Therefore, the recruitment website also continuously posts attractive positions every day.

Own a monopoly house

The site has established strong relationships with a number of well-known and extremely strong partners. Let’s take a look at a few names accompanying OKVIP along the way to bring good product values ​​to players.


With 15 years of operation in In the entertainment media field, 789Bet has affirmed its professionalism when cooperating with the company. Previously, 789Bet’s products and services were not supported by the player community in Vietnam. However, since joining cooperation with OKVIP, it has gradually won the trust of customers.

789Bet is a partner of OKVIP company


Even though it has been operating for a while after 789Bet, Hi88 is no less competitive. This brand has quickly had an increasing number of account subscribers every day.


This brand has also created a unique feature for itself through unique promotional offers. This has given players a feeling of excitement every time they bet at this playground.


For playgrounds, SHBET always knows how to invest in sound images and eye-catching interface designs to help players easily access. Even more noteworthy is that since joining the OKVIP alliance, financial support has helped this playground grow and attract a large number of members.


With help from the alliance, New88 has gradually grown strongly and gained love from domestic and foreign bettors.

Some volunteer activities of the alliance

When it comes to OKVIP, we always see beautiful images of humanity and compassion. We will introduce some volunteer activities as follows:

The kitchen is inconsistent

The program took place on July 2 with the name “0 VND kitchen connecting love”. These are meaningful and practical activities for people in difficult circumstances. Zero-dollar meals have partly helped patients and their families with the pressure of having food and clothing when facing illness.

Giving away 100 gifts at Da Nang Children’s Hospital

Hi88 unit’s activity of giving 100 gifts at Da Nang Children’s Hospital with the desire to help children who are facing the pain that illness brings. In the future, the unit will continue to organize community-oriented programs on a larger scale and with more frequency.

Meaningful volunteer activities at OKVIP

Organize gift giving for Grap drivers in early 2024

This is the event that Hi88 and the alliance organized with 100 valuable gifts for technology motorbike taxi drivers at the beginning of 2024. Specifically, the gifts include: Free gas vouchers, backup chargers. high quality rooms, cash,…


Above is all the information about the OKVIP alliance with partners developing together to bring the best quality products to players. Besides, it also shows us a company rich in compassion, demonstrated through volunteer activities in the spirit of solidarity.

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