Online Sic Bo – Introduction and instructions on how to play Sic Bo game Hi88

Gate card game with rewards  Hi88 is known as the leading provider of online gaming services in the Vietnamese market. In this article, we will guide players how to access. Along with that are instructions for playing Sic Bo Hi88. Please refer to experience

Brief introduction about the Game house Hi88

Although it has just launched the online card game community. But Nhà cái Hi88 has been operating for quite a long time in the Asian market. However, it was not until 2019 that it officially joined Vietnam. However, it has created a fever in the online betting market.

Experience the card game service here. You will be able to participate in many services and play games to redeem attractive rewards. In addition, you will also encounter many magic cards and learn a lot of experience. Many people share that this is also an extremely effective money-making channel.

Not only that, game portal Hi88 also owns many different diverse games. You can freely choose and enjoy the best entertainment moments. This game portal promises to be the most perfect playground. Welcome everyone to play and experience.

How to register to play Sic Bo at the game portal Hi88?

Surely you are very excited to join the game portal Hi88. Because of its outstanding advantages and variety of game types. We will guide you through the simplest way to become a member Hi88. so you can enjoy the following experiences:

  • Step 1: Please visit the game portal’s homepage Hi88 Follow the official links.
  • Step 2: When the game interface appears, click register.
  • Step 3: The new tab will be immediately switched to. You need to fill in all the information required by this game portal. Only then can you become a member of the game portal
  • Step 4: Once again fill in and check the username, password, check code, etc.
  • Step 5: Check the information again and click verify with the phone number you registered. Then you click Register and wait Hi88 Confirmation in just a moment.

Introducing the Sic Bo game at the game portal Hi88

Online Sic Bo is a super attractive reward game for players with simple gameplay and attractive reward values. When participating in this type of game, players need to predict whether the result will be over or under. In there:

  • Under: Is the convention for the total score of three dice from 3 to 10.
  • Over: Is the convention that the total score of three dice is from 11 to 18.

If the player predicts correctly. You will win and will receive a bonus amount corresponding to the initial bet amount. When playing, players need to pay attention to the case of the over/under pot where three dice come out with the same three faces. If this happens, the player will be able to participate in an additional spin. In this extra round, if 3 more dice appear with the same result, it is considered a bust.

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Share your experiences when participating in Sic Bo together Hi88

You should keep in mind some of these experiences while playing the game

  • Double or Double

For fellow bettors, this is probably not a strange method anymore. With this method of playing, from draw to win. This is always applied by brothers when participating in betting. In games with 50-50 odds of winning bets like Over/Under. To successfully apply this method, players need to do the following:

  • A large amount of capital is needed to double the bet for the next bets.
  • In game 1, if the player has not chosen to bet on Over, choose a chip to bet 100 VND. Game 1 bet lost.
  • In game 2, the player continues to bet Over and doubles the game 1 bet (ie 100 VND x2). Game 2 lost bet.
  • In game 3, the player doubles the game 2 bet (ie 200 VND x2) on Over. Game 3 bet wins.
  • Pay attention and observe the results table

This is the method that expert Sic Bo players have shared Hi88. With careful observation of the results table. This will help players make judgments and see the rules for paying results for the next bet of the Sic Bo game. More details and clarity about the results table:

  • A flat result means consecutive results on 4 identical bets. For example: Over/Over/Over/Over or Under/Under/Under/Under.
  • Or betting 1-1 means the results are alternating, for example: Over/Under/Over/Under/Over/Under.


Through the above sharing, we hope we have brought you valuable experiences when participating in Sic Bo games. Hi88. Wishing you success in playing the game.

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