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ClearPetra: Revolutionizing Urinary Stone Treatment for Enhanced Efficiency

Established in 1998, Wellead Medical is a trusted manufacturer and distributor of medical devices, specializing in Urology, Endourology, Anaesthesia, Respiratory, Hemodialysis, Pain management, and Home Care products. With a global presence in over 96 countries and regions, including North America, Europe, and Japan, Wellead Medical has earned a prominent position in the medical device industry. One of their remarkable contributions is the ClearPetra System, a breakthrough technology designed to provide effective and efficient treatment for urinary stones.

Advanced Features of ClearPetra

Clearpetra, developed by Wellead Medical, introduces an innovative approach to continuous flow lithotripsy. This state-of-the-art system incorporates Negative Pressure Aspiration, utilizing an oblique side port on the ClearPetra sheath to provide exceptional results.

Reduced Intra-luminal Pressure

The revolutionary ClearPetra System creates a vortex through continuous irrigation and suction, reducing the operational pressure within the urinary tract. This reduction in intra-luminal pressure minimizes the surgical risks associated with urinary stone treatment, enhancing patient safety and ensuring optimal outcomes.

Preventing Stone Retropulsion

Wellead Medical clearpetra effectively prevents retrograde stone migration through Negative Pressure Aspiration while simultaneously removing stone fragments. By incorporating this innovative feature, the ClearPetra System ensures efficient stone clearance without the need for additional accessory devices or complex procedures.

Improved Visual Field

Continuous irrigation and suction offered by ClearPetra result in an improved visual field during lithotripsy procedures. Bleeding and dust storm effects from stone pulverization are significantly reduced, enhancing the surgeon’s visibility and precision throughout the treatment process.

Enhanced Stone Clearance

Utilizing the oblique side port on the ClearPetra Sheath, stone fragments aggregate at the distal end, avoiding scattering. Continuous suction facilitates the removal of stone fragments, ensuring superior stone clearance and streamlining the procedure.

Uncomplicated Procedure

ClearPetra eliminates the requirement for stone baskets, forceps, or anti-retropulsion devices. Through Negative Pressure Aspiration, stone fragments are efficiently evacuated, simplifying the procedure and improving workflow for healthcare professionals.

Wellead Medical

Pioneers in Medical Device Innovation As a leading company in the medical device industry, Wellead Medical continuously strives to introduce cutting-edge technology and solutions. The ClearPetra System reflects their commitment to reducing costs, improving efficiency, and enhancing revenue for healthcare providers. The versatility and effectiveness of the ClearPetra System position Wellead Medical as a trusted partner in urinary stone treatment.


ClearPetra, developed by Wellead Medical, is transforming the field of urinary stone treatment. With its advanced features, including the reduction of intra-luminal pressure, prevention of stone retropulsion, improved visual field, enhanced stone clearance, and simplified procedure, ClearPetra offers an unprecedented level of efficiency and patient care. Wellead Medical’s dedication to innovation and their commitment to improving medical procedures make them a prominent player in the medical device industry.

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