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Stake-Based BN-LINK Outdoor Lighting Control Made Easy

BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake is an upgrade for outdoor lighting control. Weatherproof multi-socket timer stakes protect outlets from rain, dust, and damage with individual safety covers. Automation of lighting schedules is easy with the rain-proof mechanical timer. This BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake makes outdoor lighting easy with its user-friendly timer options and remote control.

Weatherproof Design for Reliable Outdoor Performance

The BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake is built with a weatherproof design, ensuring reliable performance in various outdoor conditions. Each outlet is equipped with an individual safety cover, providing protection against rain, dust, and potential damage. This weatherproof feature gives you peace of mind knowing that your outdoor timer stake can withstand the elements and continue operating flawlessly. With the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake, you can confidently control your outdoor lighting without worrying about the weather.

Convenient Timer Options and Remote Control Functionality

Managing your outdoor lighting schedules has never been easier with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake. It offers a range of convenient timer options, allowing you to set specific time cycles or choose from preset options like dusk-to-dawn operation. This flexibility ensures that your outdoor lights turn on and off automatically according to your preferences. Additionally, the remote control functionality adds another layer of convenience. With the remote control, you can adjust your lighting settings from a distance, eliminating the need to manually operate the timer stake. Experience effortless outdoor lighting control with the BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake and enjoy the convenience it brings to your outdoor space.


BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake improves outdoor lighting control. Weatherproof design and individual safety covers ensure reliability and protection. This stake simplifies outdoor lighting management with multiple timing settings and remote control. BN-LINK Outdoor Timer Stake automates switching.

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