An Thien Chicken Scales – Scales With Magical Secrets

An Thien chicken scales sought after by many professional players in the market. This type often appears in strong, agile cocks that bring extremely good fighting results. Let’s Trang chủ New88 đăng nhập Learn more about these unique chicken scales and reveal their magical secrets.

Discovering about An Thien chicken scales – The special thing about fighting chickens

Currently, we have discovered many different types of scales with extremely meaningful accompanying messages. Not only do they demonstrate strength and fighting ability, but they also highlight the individual mark of each fighting chicken.

An Thien chicken scales is classified as a legend in the world of chicken scales. Not only is it a material value, but this name also reveals its majesty and preciousness like a gem. Veteran players are constantly looking for them and quickly recognize them if they appear in matches.

An Thien scales will appear on the knees and top of the chicken’s legs in a relatively large patch. When three similar arrays appear, it is called Tam Tai An Thien. An Thien 3 Scale means three rows of scales from the knee. This type of scale represents the strength and durability of the fighting cock, ensuring top-notch competitions.

The reason why many people are looking for An Thien chicken scale chickens

This type of chicken is considered a warrior when it possesses a series of outstanding and special advantages. Here are some reasons why they become a hot hit and are chosen by many cockers when participating in battles.

The value of An Thien chicken scales for fighting chickens

Currently, An Thien’s scales are considered extremely rare, with only 1 fighting chicken out of 1,000 chickens possessing this special type of scale. That’s why they have extremely high economic value in cockfighting and the chicken farming industry. Many people are willing to spend huge amounts of money just to own this special fig chicken.

The An Thien 4 scaled chickens have tremendous strength, and have the advantage of agility and sensitivity compared to many other opponents. Not only a symbol of beauty, they are truly a potential warrior and make many other breeds fear on the battlefield.

They launched decisive kicks that quickly determined the outcome of the match. Furthermore, these chickens often save their initial strength and take advantage of it at the right time, bringing impressive victories.

Usually, cock masters will definitely be satisfied with the performance of An Thien’s scaly fighting cock in fighting scenes. They also possess high adaptability and outstanding endurance, becoming a prominent highlight every time they appear in the arena.

An Thien’s chicken-scale fighting cock is prosperous

These scaly fighting chickens are likened to chickens because they easily defeat their opponents. With special kicks, the bouncing chicken can quickly defeat the opponent and reach the final victory. They bring the owner a lot of fortune, representing the prosperity of the cockfighters.

Why should cockers know how to read An Thien chicken scales?

This is a special type of chicken, a highlight in the matches in which they appear. Here are some reasons why cockers should have more skills to recognize this special type of chicken.
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An Thien chicken scales affect the outcome of the fight

Whether the cock’s scales are beautiful or ugly is also an important factor that affects the fighting style of the cock in cockfighting. If you don’t know how or are not careful, you will choose cocks with bad fighting style and easily give up in the middle of the match. This will leave a lot of financial loss for cockfighters.

When the player bets, he identifies the cock he owns An Thien chicken scales This will increase your winning rate up to 70%. This is the secret to help many bettors win huge rewards from the New88 playground along with many other attractive incentives.

Save time training fighting chickens

Choosing chickens with this type of scale will help you save a lot of training time because they already possess many potential factors. They have a unique fighting style, possessing tremendous strength and quick attacks. In battle, warrior An Thien chicken scales Be sensitive when your opponent attacks so you can quickly avoid it.

This breed of chicken is often intelligent, so the training process will not take much time but still ensures that it meets the conditions to participate in battle. Cockers will save a lot of effort and time during this stage.

The above article has answered all your questions about An Thien chicken scales – unique scales of fighting cocks. Thanks to understanding these things, cockfighters have discovered the secret hidden behind each fighting cock. Wishing the bettors to catch the most potential and sublime matches at bookmaker New88.

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