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Football betting Online brings players exciting experiences and opportunities to make big profits from top matches. But what makes online soccer betting an indispensable hobby in the soccer-loving community? Let’s Liên Minh OKVIP Find out through the following article.

What is online soccer betting?

Online soccer betting is a form of betting in which players can bet on soccer matches via the internet. Instead of players having to go to traditional casinos or bet over the phone, players can easily access online soccer betting websites to place bets and follow live match results. . Online soccer betting offers players a wide range of betting options, from pre-match betting to placingLive betting throughout the match. This gives players convenience and flexibility, while also creating an exciting environment to experience and try their luck.

What are the outstanding odds for online soccer betting?

Online soccer betting offers many outstanding and popular bets for players.

Odds shake

Shaking odds, also known as Running odds, is a very popular type of bet in online soccer betting. This is a type of bet that the bookmaker offers while the match is taking place, allowing players to place bets during that time period.

For many players, shaking bets are considered an opportunity to quickly recover capital. With accurate predictions, players can achieve quick and big wins.

Win or lose

Win-Draw-Lose is the simplest type of bet in soccer betting. Players only need to bet on one of three options: Win, Draw, Lose. The result of the match will determine which door will win and the player will receive money from that door. Each door has different odds, depending on the house and the match situation. Players need to pay attention to this ratio to bet correctly.


Handicap in soccer is a type of bet used when two teams have different levels. In handicap betting, there are two forms of handicap applied, which are left handicap and money handicap. When choosing a money handicap, the betting odds will remain at a relative level for both the upper and lower handicaps, until there is a significant difference before switching to the left handicap. This helps balance the odds and creates fairness for players.

Over/under odds

InOver/Under odds, players need to bet on the total number of goals scored by both teams in the match. Depending on each match, the house will give a prediction about the total number of goals. Players betting that the total number of goals will be more than the number predicted by the house will choose Over. If the player predicts the total number of goals will be less than the predicted number, they will choose Under. This is a simple and easy to win bet because there are only two bets. This type of bet is popular with bettors.
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Corner kick bet

Corner kick bet, also known as Corners, is a type of betting based on the number of corners that occur in a match. Instead of having to pay attention to the score and winning or losing results, in this corner kick bet, players only need to pay attention to the data related to the number of corner kicks in the match.

When choosing a match to bet on, you will be shown a detailed information panel about the match as shown in the image above. You can choose the handicap bet that suits you. The dealer has arranged the information clearly so you can easily see it in the following order:

All handicap bets: This is where you can see all handicap bets to have an overview and decide to participate in the bets more easily.

Popular handicaps: Here, you can refer to popular handicaps, thereby evaluating the match situation and having a reasonable strategy in betting.

Handicap and Over/Under: Handicap and Over/Under bets will be displayed here.

Handicap: This is a summary of all handicaps to help you have an overview and easily make decisions.

Corners: You can find corner odds here.

Special bets: Special bets will change over time. Please explore and experience for more detailed information.

Through this article, we have an overview of online soccer betting at OKVIP with attractive and special points, different from other bookmakers, right? It seems we are equipped with all the necessary information to participate in the football betting experience at OKVIP.

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