5 Ways a Cool Mist Humidifier Can Elevate your College Experience

As you start the next phases of your life in college, the world can seem like it is changing all around you. Suddenly you have more independence, more responsibility, more freedom, and more opportunities to get sick.

College is one of those environments where germs can creep up on you anywhere that you go. Plus, with the new location, you will be more prone to dealing with irritated skin, dry lips and a whole heap of allergies.

There will be a lot on your plate when you transition to college life. So the last thing that you really want to deal with is getting sick or run down to the point that you are not enjoying it anymore. This is where getting a cool mist humidifier can really come in handy.

This wellness device has helped many other college students elevate their own college experiences and assist them in looking after their health. This is because these humidifiers are able to create a more balanced atmosphere in your dorm room and ensure you are breathing in air that is good for your skin, your lungs, your brain, and your overall wellbeing.

We have rounded up all the ways that a cool mist humidifier can really elevate your experience at college, along with the top things to look out for on your search to find the best humidifier.

  1. Creates a Fun Environment

Humidifiers are not just designed for practicality. They equally can light up a room and enhance the whole vibe of a room too. You can get a humidifier that also lights up in different colors to support the various moods that you are in.

Light is an essential component of making a room feel a certain way. So with a small dorm room offering limited opportunities to create an environment, a humidifier that doubles as both cool mister and a lava lamp ensure that you can make the most out of one dorm room item.

When you are trying to study, switch the color over to blue or yellow for focus. When your college crush comes over to hang out, turn it to red. When you want to sleep, turn it to nightlight mode.

  1. Keeps Things Feeling Cool

When you are sleeping, eating, and studying in your dorm room, things can feel cramped and overheated. Especially when you have a roommate to share your small space with. This is why a humidifier is such an important item to have. The cool mist that it can disperse into the air can keep things feeling cool—literally. That way you can be more comfortable in your small space no matter what you are trying to do there.

  1. Helps You Focus

Those late-night study sessions can be hard. Especially when your roommate is trying to sleep. A cool mist humidifier can help you keep your focus while not disturbing the other person in the room. This is important because there is nothing that quite kills a college experience than an argument with your roommate. So having a silent wellness product that benefits you both is a great safeguard for keeping the peace.

  1. Provides an Aromatherapy Session

As a college student, you are likely on a shoestring budget. But it is important to still find ways to look after your wellbeing. Aromatherapy is probably a wellness experience you thought you would have to forgo. But if you get a cool mist humidifier that has an aromatherapy component built-in, you can turn your dorm room into an actual wellness session.

This means that not only will the cool mist from the humidifier be keeping your room healthy, but you can add in various essential oils to further support your wellbeing. There are so many different scents to explore, from ones that help you focus to others that help you sleep.

Plus, with your dorm room now being a wellness sanctuary, everyone else on your floor will want to come to hang in your room.

  1. Adds a Design Element

Cool mist humidifiers come in all shapes and sizes. This means that you can pick a humidifier that equally doubles as a cool design piece for your room. You can choose from a variety of designs, such as ones made from wood to those with a light feature or just a solid neutral color.


Who knew that a humidifier could elevate your college experience so much? And we have not even touched the surface of all the health benefits you get! With a proven track record for alleviating allergies, keeping your skin hydrated, and getting rid of those germs that could ultimately make you sick at school, a humidifier is a must-have for anyone attending college.

With so much to gain, make sure you have put this item at the top of your college packing list.

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