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ZTT Coaxial Cable Solutions: Delivering Reliable Communication Infrastructure

ZTT, a subsidiary of the renowned ZTT Group, is a trusted manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of energy storage solutions. With expertise in mobile communication cables, ZTT offers reliable products that cater to various industry requirements. In this article, we will explore the features and advantages of ZTT’s coaxial cable solutions, including their diverse product portfolio, adherence to international standards, and successful deployment in various projects.

Comprehensive Range of Coaxial Cable Products

ZTT provides a wide range of coaxial cables designed for different applications. Their offerings include radio frequency cables, leaky coaxial cables, railway signal cables, and high-temperature cables. Radio frequency cables feature a construction that consists of an inner conductor, foamed polyethylene insulation, and an outer conductor covered by a protective jacket. Leaky coaxial cables have similar construction but incorporate an outer conductor with corrugated copper tube milling grooves or punched copper foil. Railway signal cables are designed with a conductor, insulation, shielded metallic screen, and an extruded outer sheath. High-temperature cables feature an inner conductor, fluoroplastic insulation, braided outer conductor, and an outer sheath made of FEP or LSZH material.

Adherence to International Standards and Customization

ZTT’s coaxial cables are meticulously designed, manufactured, and tested according to international standards such as the IEC series. These standards ensure the cables’ performance, safety, and reliability. Additionally, ZTT offers flexibility in meeting customers’ specific requirements, providing customized coaxial cable solutions that address unique project needs and specifications. Whether it’s a specialized application or specific performance criteria, ZTT can tailor their coaxial cables to meet diverse customer demands.

Extensive Deployment and Successful Projects

ZTT’s coaxial cables have been extensively deployed worldwide, making a significant impact in various projects. The company’s radio cable operations span over 485,000 kilometers and have serviced approximately 460,000 base stations. ZTT’s coaxial cables have also been adopted in more than 19,000 indoor distribution projects, ensuring reliable communication infrastructure for different environments. Notably, ZTT’s leaky coaxial cables have played a crucial role in 42 cities and 148 subway lines, with a total length of nearly 9,200 kilometers. These cables contribute to enhanced connectivity and enable seamless communication for millions of passengers, bringing convenience to their daily lives.

Quality Assurance through Third-Party Testing

ZTT places great emphasis on the safety and reliability of their coaxial cables. They have undergone rigorous testing in third-party laboratories, including TLC and ROHS certification, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. With a commitment to offering safe and reliable products, ZTT prioritizes quality assurance and strives to provide quick and thoughtful service to their customers.


ZTT’s coaxial cable solutions are designed to deliver reliable communication infrastructure for various applications. With a comprehensive range of products, adherence to international standards, and successful project deployments, ZTT is a trusted partner for organizations seeking high-quality coaxial cables. Whether it’s for mobile communication, leaky applications, railway signaling, or high-temperature environments, ZTT’s coaxial cables provide the performance and reliability required for seamless communication. Partner with ZTT to build robust and efficient communication networks that meet the demands of today’s interconnected world.

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