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WOKA: Your Trusted Custom Mold Manufacturer Ensuring Unwavering Quality Assurance

As a experienced custom mold manufacturer, WOKA prioritizes the delivery of high-quality products that meet the expectations of their valued clients. To achieve this, the company has implemented numerous procedures and documentation systems to uphold their commitment to excellence. Through an unwavering dedication to quality control in their injection mold factory, WOKA ensures that changes are thoroughly reviewed before implementation, giving clients the confidence they need in the manufacturing process.

Thorough Quality Control for Consistent Excellence

WOKA understands the significance of quality control in maintaining their reputation as a trusted custom mold manufacturer. The company adheres to stringent quality control measures to ensure that every step of the manufacturing process is meticulously reviewed. By implementing detailed inspection plans and work instructions, WOKA guarantees accuracy and consistency, leaving no room for errors or substandard products. Clients can have peace of mind knowing that WOKA’s commitment to delivering top-quality results remains unwavering.

A Comprehensive Approach to Quality Assurance

WOKA’s dedication to quality assurance is evidenced by the range of practices and tools they employ. Some of these include:

– Documented Inspection Plans and Work Instructions: WOKA creates detailed plans and instructions for inspections, providing a systematic approach to achieving accurate and consistent results.

– Internal Auditing: Regular internal audits are conducted to assess processes and identify areas for improvement, ensuring adherence to established quality standards.

– Document Control System: WOKA utilizes a robust document control system to manage and maintain essential documentation, ensuring easy access and accurate version control.

– Gauge Calibration Program: To guarantee precise measurements, WOKA implements a gauge calibration program, regularly calibrating measuring instruments.

– Control Plans and Risk Analysis: WOKA employs control plans and conducts risk analysis to identify potential quality risks and implement appropriate mitigation strategies.

– Employment of CMM Optical Measurement Systems: Advanced CMM optical measurement systems are utilized by WOKA to ensure accurate measurements and enhance overall quality control.


WOKA’s commitment to being a trustworthy custom mold manufacturer is evident through their rigorous quality assurance practices. By employing thorough quality control measures, including documented inspection plans, internal auditing, a document control system, gauge calibration programs, control plans, risk analysis, and advanced measurement systems, WOKA maintains their dedication to delivering top-quality products. Clients can depend on WOKA to provide consistent excellence in every custom mold manufacturing project.

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