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Smart Design, Smart Savings: Shenling’s Innovative ThermaX Air Source Heat Pump

Discover the pinnacle of air source heat pump efficiency with Shenling’s innovative ThermaX series. Through intelligent AHS integration, power consumption limitation, and exceptional reliability, ThermaX sets the standard for customizable comfort, sustainability, and cost savings. Experience the smart design and unparalleled efficiency of Shenling‘s ThermaX air source heat pump.

Efficient Heating with AHS Integration

Explore the intelligent integration of Shenling’s ThermaX series with AHS, presenting users with a dynamic solution to customize domestic hot water temperatures. Ranging from 20~75℃, with a default setting at 50℃, this efficient heating system adapts to diverse preferences, offering a tailored and comfortable experience.

Limiting Power Consumption for Sustainability

Uncover the strategic approach to power consumption in Shenling’s ThermaX air source heat pump. The design’s pivotal power limitation feature controls maximum access current, ensuring energy-efficient operation. This innovation not only promotes sustainability but also makes the ThermaX compatible with a variety of power supplies, preserving performance without compromising efficiency.

Reliable Performance for Cost Reductions

Experience the unmatched reliability of ThermaX air source heat pumps, providing a stable and efficient performance that goes beyond industry standards. Awarded with an A+++ energy label, Shenling’s ThermaX series emphasizes not only energy efficiency but also substantial cost reductions for users. Opt for the smart savings and unparalleled reliability offered by Shenling’s ThermaX series.


In the realm of air source heat pump efficiency, Shenling’s ThermaX stands as a beacon of innovation, offering intelligent solutions for customizable comfort, sustainable operation, and substantial cost savings.

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