Mindray AED: a reliable lifesaver in an emergency

Cardiac arrest is one of the serious circumstances that puts life in peril. The most frequent first rhythm of a cardiac arrest is ventricular fibrillation (VF), and the most effective treatment for VF is electrical defibrillation. Otherwise, it’s unlikely that chest compressions themselves will induce VF to resume its usual rhythm. Within the first three minutes after cardiac arrest, using an automated external defibrillator (AED) for electrical defibrillation may raise the likelihood of survival by more than 70%. The success rate of defibrillation decreases by around 7–10% per minute over time. Therefore, equipment with the right AED purchase is crucial for treating cardiac arrest. Modern, user-friendly AED equipment is available from renowned AED producer Mindray.

How does an AED work?

AEDs that are portable and easy to use is more effective in public settings than fixed AEDs in hospitals that require certified medical personnel to use.

However, sudden cardiac arrests can occur anytime in busy public areas. Therefore, it is more important to be located, diagnosed, and given CPR immediately in an emergency than to wither away and wait for paramedics to arrive.

Before professional emergency services arrive, bystanders can use the “golden four minutes” to save the cardiac arrest sufferer as quickly as possible. In this case, using a mobile AED from Mindray is a wise decision.

For more information on Mindray’s AED products, visit their official website.

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