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The importance of AEDs is gradually receiving more attention from a wider range of people. As the only rapid way of first aid, it is important to be proficient in the use of AEDs for ordinary people who encounter unexpected situations. The widespread use of AEDs is also believed to improve the efficiency of first aid for patients in cardiac arrest and ensure their lives. Today, Mindray, a professional AED supplier who has been working in the industry for a long time, will introduce some considerations for using AEDs.

Common issues that need attention during the use

According to the instructions of medical personnel, when a cardiac arrest patient is occasionally encountered in a public place after the first defibrillation is completed with the AED, the rescuer should immediately continue CPR.

There are considerations for this process as well, rather than following an irregular rhythm of ineffective chest compressions or even doing nothing after placing the AED.

The rescuer does not have to tear off the electrodes when doing chest compressions, just follow the voice prompts of the AED and follow the rhythm of “drop, drop, drop” issued by the machine to do high-quality CPR. The strength and position of CPR are also required.

After 2 minutes, the AED will assess the heart rhythm again through the electrodes to see if the second defibrillation is needed. If the assessment result is needed, then there is another point that needs to be noted, before defibrillation is performed, please ensure that the patient’s body is a certain distance from the rescuer. Otherwise, the rescuer or onlookers may be attacked by the defibrillator current. This is not an expected outcome.


Hope that every citizen of society can master the use of AEDs, so that even if someone has a cardiac arrest, the people around them are the first to give help, even if there are no medical personnel at the scene, first implement cardiac resuscitation and AED resuscitation with the help of the innovative AED manufactured by Mindray, and wait until medical personnel comes to further professional care, which can greatly improve the survival rate.

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