Good News About Terra Luna From Kucoin

KuCoin is one of the most popular crypto exchanges and bitcoin exchange in today’s world. Many old traders and newcomers always consider it during entering a crypto market. Because of their hardworking and professional team, many opportunities are created on the KuCoin platform. Similarly, many new coins are always listed with time on KuCoin to provide more options to their users. KuCoin’s internal features also help you transfer your balance from one coin to another. We are here to update many of you about Terra Luna’s presence on KuCoin. Many of you may know about this coin, and few want to know its details. So, today are here to discuss this coin.

Terra Luna Listed On Kucoin

KuCoin added another wonderful coin to their website on May 28, 2022. This coin is named Terra Luna, listed on KuCoin with two pairs of LUNA.USDT and LUNA/USDC, USDT price . Also, we know that because of the Tether as a base coin, people start taking more interest in it. Terra Luna has a market capitalization of about 309.30 Million Dollars. Terra Luna’s price acts similarly to other cryptocurrency prices. Let’s also discuss its further.

Terra Luna

Let’s separate these two words Terra Luna and try to understand them individually. Terra is a decentralized, most popular blockchain giving a user a wonderful experience. Advanced technologies like Mantlemint and Terra Station are behind the success of Terra. On the other hand, Luna Terra’s token is used for mining purposes. Luna deducts some fees in return for successful transection. A new classic Terra was also introduced in the market in May 2022. This new version is also highly successful throughout the crypto world.


This wonderful coin has several advantages, and now we discuss some of them here. One of the important roles this coin plays is reducing the volatility of stable coins present in the blockchain. The transaction between different wallets is so fast that it takes about 6 seconds to finish. This coin is designed in such a way that it will run on different chains. Currently, it is working on Ethereum and Solona chains, and in the future, they plan to expand it to more blockchains. Terra is a programmable coin that can add new features using network Oracle. Terra Luna also comes with a lot of transparency, specifically regarding payment. This clear structure o removes the complications of payment methods and builds more trust among the buyers.


Due to very low fees and buying coins directly via fiat features, KuCoin is one of the leading platforms in the digital currency market. Also, other options like P2P and margin trading along with spot plus future make it more popular among other platforms. Many people also seem interested in listing many coins on the KuCoin exchange. Here we update many traders about the listing of Terra Luna on the Kucoin account. Now you have more options to trade your portfolio with many advanced features and new coins added daily to the KuCoin exchange.

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