Ensuring Reliable Defrosting: 3 Key Designs of Shenling EVI Series Heat Pumps

Defrosting is a critical aspect of commercial heat pump operation, ensuring efficient and uninterrupted performance. Shenling EVI Series heat pumps incorporate innovative designs specifically tailored for reliable defrosting. This blog explore three key designs that set Shenling EVI Series apart, ensuring swift and effective defrosting to maintain optimal functionality. Discover how these designs enhance performance, prevent ice accumulation, and streamline drainage for enhanced reliability and efficiency.

One-Way Valve for Efficient Defrosting

The first key design feature of Shenling EVI Series heat pumps is the incorporation of a one-way valve at the bottom of the heat exchanger. This valve serves a crucial role in the defrosting process. During heating cycles, the one-way valve remains closed, preventing refrigerant from passing through and minimizing frost formation. When defrosting is required, high-temperature refrigerant passes through the one-way valve, facilitating quick and efficient defrosting.

Heat Exchanger Suspension for Ice Prevention

Shenling EVI Series heat pumps employ a unique design where the heat exchanger is suspended from the bottom tray. By introducing a height difference between the heat exchanger and the water tray, ice accumulation is effectively minimized. This design ensures that condensed water is promptly removed during defrosting, preventing ice buildup and promoting smoother defrosting cycles. The suspended heat exchanger design enhances overall system performance and minimizes disruptions caused by excessive ice formation.

Water and Electricity Heating Belt for Frost Prevention

To further optimize defrosting reliability, Shenling EVI Series heat pumps incorporate a water and electricity heating belt within the heat exchanger chassis. This innovative feature automatically activates at low temperatures to prevent frost accumulation in the water tray. By maintaining optimal conditions within the heat exchanger, the heating belt ensures smooth drainage and prevents frost-related issues. This design element guarantees continuous operation and enhances overall system efficiency.


Reliable defrosting is essential for the seamless operation of heat pumps, ensuring optimal performance and energy efficiency. Shenling EVI Series heat pumps excel in this aspect, thanks to their unique and purposeful design features. The inclusion of a one-way valve, heat exchanger suspension, and water and electricity heating belt significantly enhance defrosting efficiency, minimizing frost accumulation and promoting swift drainage. With Shenling EVI Series, you can rely on uninterrupted performance, improved energy efficiency, and peace of mind knowing that your heat pump is equipped with cutting-edge designs for reliable defrosting. Choose Shenling EVI Series and experience the difference in defrosting excellence.

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