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BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pets: Keep Your Pet Cozy and Warm

Ensure your pet stays warm and comfortable during the colder months with the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet, featuring a chew-resistant cord for added safety. This heating pad is equipped with a digital temperature controller, allowing you to customize the warmth your pet receives for ultimate comfort. The soft crystal velvet cover is removable for easy machine washing, while the PVC envelope inside provides waterproof and flame-retardant features for added protection.

Chew-Resistant Design for Safety

Designed with safety in mind, the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet comes with a chew-resistant cord, making it an ideal choice for pets prone to chewing behaviors. This feature provides peace of mind for pet owners, ensuring that their furry companions stay safe while enjoying the warmth of the heating pad. Protect your pets and prevent accidents with this innovative chew-resistant design.

Soft and Washable Cover for Comfort

The outer crystal velvet cover of the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet is not only soft and cozy but also removable for easy machine washing. This feature allows for effortless cleaning and maintenance, keeping your pet’s heating pad fresh and hygienic. The washable cover ensures that your pet can enjoy a clean and comfortable resting spot throughout the winter months.

Easy-to-Use Digital Temperature Control

Unfolding the pet heating pad and plugging it in is all it takes to start providing warmth for your pet. With the digital temperature controller, you can easily set the desired temperature level for your pet’s comfort. Whether placed on a pet bed or directly on the floor, this heating pad quickly warms up to create a cozy environment for your furry friend. Enjoy the convenience of regulating your pet’s warmth with the touch of a button.


Elevate your pet’s comfort with the BN-LINK Heating Pad for Pet, featuring a chew-resistant cord and customizable warmth settings controlled by a digital temperature controller. The soft and washable cover ensures easy maintenance, while the waterproof and flame-retardant inner envelope provides added safety features. Make your pets feel warm and cozy during the chilly winter season with this reliable and user-friendly heating pad from Bn-Link.

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