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Blueiot’s Innovative Indoor Positioning System: Transforming Healthcare at Nanchang University Hospital

In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, efficiency, precision, and patient care are of utmost importance. Nanchang University Hospital, a renowned Grade-Three Level-A hospital in China, recognized the need to embrace cutting-edge technology to become a model of excellence in the healthcare industry. Enter Blueiot, a leading indoor positioning system project solution provider, and their remarkable journey to transform Nanchang University Hospital into a smart hospital of the future.

Blueiot’s Innovative Solution

  1. Intelligent Navigation System: Thousands of anchors have been deployed to create an intelligent navigation system. Patients and visitors can now easily find their way to the hospital and parking spaces. Visualized maps and recommended routes are readily available, making navigation a breeze.

2.Rapid Response to Treatment: Vital signs of patients are closely monitored, ensuring immediate response in case of any abnormalities. The system helps locate elderly or psychiatric patients who may wander. Alarms are triggered if patients step out of safe zones or approach restricted areas. Patients feeling unwell can request assistance with a simple click.

  1. Scientific and Efficient Management: Medical staff can now access permitted areas with automatic identification. Staff activities, including their routes, time spent, and frequency, are tracked. This streamlined approach ensures productivity, as staff and equipment can be quickly directed to where they are needed.


Blueiot’s indoor positioning system has left an indelible mark on Nanchang University Hospital, elevating precision, efficiency, and safety in healthcare. The hospital’s transformation into a smart facility is a testament to the power of cutting-edge technology. As healthcare continues to evolve, Blueiot’s commitment to innovation ensures that hospitals like Nanchang University Hospital can provide the highest level of care to their patients while optimizing their operations. This partnership exemplifies how technology can enhance the healthcare experience for all.

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