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Bedford Electric’s Intelligent Constant Pressure Water Pump Controller: Effortless Water Control at Your Fingertips

Discover the cutting-edge technology of Bedford Electric‘s W191 Series constant pressure water pump controller. Designed as a specialized inverter for pumps, this series offers superior performance, versatile control modes, and an array of functions to cater to various applications. With its intelligent features, the constant pressure water pump controller ensures automatic constant voltage and one-click water pressure adjustment, providing effortless and precise water control.

Functional Mode: Versatility to Meet Your Needs

The W191 Series offers multiple control modes to suit diverse requirements. Whether it’s up and down pressurization, water tower replenishment, manual control, or maintaining constant water pressure, this controller provides flexibility and adaptability for any situation. With its intelligent design, you can experience constant water supply even in challenging conditions.

Protection and Economical Features Enhance Performance

Bedford Electric’s constant pressure water pump controller prioritizes safety and efficiency. The controller comes equipped with multiple protection functions and fault alarm reminders to ensure reliable operation. Additionally, its economical design adds value to your system, offering intelligent control while being cost-effective. With two colors available, the controller seamlessly integrates into various application scenarios.


Improve your water control experience with Bedford Electric’s intelligent constant pressure water pump controller from the W191 Series. With its automatic constant voltage and one-click water pressure adjustment, you can effortlessly achieve accurate and precise water control. Enjoy the versatility of multiple control modes, enabling you to meet various needs and maintain constant water pressure. With the added benefits of protection functions, fault alarm reminders, and an economical design, Bedford Electric’s constant pressure water pump controller is the smart choice for efficient and reliable water control. Upgrade your water pump system today and experience the convenience and performance offered by Bedford Electric’s state-of-the-art controller.

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