ZTT: A Social Responsibility Company Committed to Sustainability

Welcome to the world of ZTT – a social responsibility company committed to sustainability! As more and more people become environmentally conscious, businesses must adapt accordingly. That’s where ZTT comes in – they are leading the charge in creating eco-friendly solutions that make a real difference. So let’s dive right in and discover what makes ZTT stand out as an example of responsible business practices today!

What is ZTT?

ZTT considers sustainability to be both a moral and a commercial responsibility. Every action we do is done with the intention of minimizing our negative environmental effects and advancing sustainable development. We work to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the environment in all aspects of our business, including production, product design, and supply chain management. Our objective is to have net zero emissions, and we are making strides in that direction.

With 54 offices, 12 marketing centers, and 5 abroad facilities running in India, Brazil, Indonesia, Morocco, and Turkey, ZTT has a footprint all over the world. Over 160 countries and regions buy the company’s goods, and in 2022 ZTT surpassed $13.4 billion in sales revenue.

Why is ZTT a social responsibility company?

Throughout its entire course of development, ZTT has always demonstrated a strong sense of social responsibility and a concern for the well-being of its community. ZTT has participated in a variety of initiatives to fulfill its social duty, such as making gifts to charity organizations and establishing hope elementary schools, among other things.In the future, ZTT will improve confidence by increasing the quality of the goods and services it offers to all members of society, with the goal of making significant contributions to the expansion of the economy and the maintenance of social order.


ZTT has been a social responsibility company for years, and is still committed to sustainable practices today. ZTT believes that business can play an important role in mitigating environmental impacts, and ZTT takes responsibility seriously by using resources efficiently and reducing carbon footprint. ZTT’s goal is to make a positive impact on the world around us through the businesses we operate.

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