Pocket Smart Strategies to Make Fish Hunting Rich

Fish shooting games are always a thrilling adventure containing many challenges, especially for players who want to become tycoons in the world of fishermen. The game not only requires skill, but also requires the skill to take advantage of “little tricks” to collect huge profits. In this article, Neu88 will reveal tips Hunt fish and become a tycoon Extremely fast, helping you realize your dream of getting rich.

Is the opportunity to hunt fish to become a tycoon possible?

Nowadays, fish shooting games are not simply a means of stress relief, but have also become a tool to make money for many gamers. With widespread coverage, many beginners wonder if it is possible to become a giant in the world of fish hunting? And major award ceremonies take place every year at the house New88 will be the most accurate answer to answer this question.

There is no denying that process Hunt fish and become a tycoon It’s not easy. However, millions of players still persistently pursue the dream of getting rich by regularly participating in daily fish hunting to hone their abilities, gain more real-life experience, and wait for opportunities to change their lives.

Smart strategies to hunt fish and become rich quickly

Fish hunting has very quick and easy-to-understand participation criteria, however, to become an experienced player, new players should refer to the following tips for fish hunting to become a tycoon:

Apply the wall-bounce technique

Shooting against the wall is no longer new to fish hunters because of the outstanding highlights of this trick. During the fish hunting session, there will often be obstacles placed in strategic positions so that when the bullet hits the wall, it will bounce back, creating another attack. To bounce walls and double damage, players need to determine a suitable shooting angle. This requires careful calculation combined with previous accumulated experience to be able to see the most optimal shooting angle.

Take advantage of the golden moment

Professional shooters have shared that the fish that have just appeared on the corners of the screen will be the easiest targets to destroy when the player only takes 1 to 2 bullets to collect points. Therefore, you need to quickly seize the golden moment and aim straight and not let the target escape your sights.

In case after shooting 3-4 times and the target is still alive, temporarily stop shooting to avoid wasting fuel. Instead, members should focus on hunting other creatures to help optimize the ability to accumulate points and bonuses.
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Don’t ignore small valuable fish

Many rookies are attracted to high-value targets and miss great opportunities from small fish. Accumulating bonuses from many of these objects can be just as valuable as big goals. This will be a very suitable trick for rookies and gamers with limited weapons, because small fish only need low-value bullets to defeat.

Hunt fish to become a tycoon with the method of shooting fish in groups

Gunners should try to shoot fish in groups. When the bullets hit the target fish, they will create a chain explosion effect, causing damage to spread to surrounding areas. Helps destroy many fish at the same time, increasing the ability to reap huge bonuses.

Notes to catch fish to become a tycoon should be grasped

To become a giant in online fish shooting games, members need to follow the following notes to optimize their chances of success:

  • Exchange and learn: New players should participate in online gamer forums to exchange, discuss and learn from other players’ experiences to improve their skills. Articles by fish hunting experts will also help you expand your knowledge and gain a more comprehensive perspective on this field of fish hunting for rewards.
  • Have solid background knowledge: Careful research to gain a deep understanding of the rules of the game, characteristics of fish types, and the functions of each weapon will be a great advantage as it is a sure stepping stone to help for fishermen to have wise strategies for the future.
  • Try-out experience: Fish shooting games on the sports lobby at the house New88 All offer free trials for new players. Don’t be subjective and miss this great opportunity to get familiar with the game and gain real-world experience before betting real money.


Above New88 Shared with readers are some tips Hunt fish and become a tycoon for fishermen. Wishing you all will become expert players in the near future and the dream of getting rich from the fish shooting game will no longer just be in your imagination!

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