Perform Effective First Aid at School: Mindray AED

Little training is required to use first aid supplies made for on-site first aid, and automated external defibrillators made by Mindray are both portable and simple to use. Professional AED supplier Mindray shows why using an AED correctly in public settings is more crucial than waiting for paramedics to show up. Additionally, Mindray will exemplify why AED for schools is essential nowadays. Look them up.

Why pick the cutting-edge AEDs from Mindray?

To ensure that their products can be utilized quickly and effectively when necessary, Mindray has conducted thorough research to improve the usage and delivery of AEDs in public settings.

To make operation simpler, Mindray makes AEDs with voice prompts and animated operating cues on the screen. Most people can use automatic external defibrillators with those clear instructions. According to the directions in the user guide, it can be utilized immediately by amateur rescuers in an emergency. This is advantageous for using AEDs in schools because students are frequently inexperienced in first aid, making clear instructions for AEDs essential.

Every second counts: the significance of AEDs in schools

According to numerous clinical and real-world examples, the chance that pupils will survive a cardiac arrest that occurs in a school diminishes by about 7–10% for each minute that defibrillation is postponed. In other words, the students have a better chance of surviving and returning to a normal cardiac rhythm the earlier defibrillation is administered.


In the scenario where a patient experiences a sudden cardiac arrest in a public setting, is why AEDs were developed. The greater the patient’s chances of survival are if a high-performance AED from Mindray can be acquired to defibrillate the patient. AEDs are hence referred to as “life-saving machines“!

Mindray produces professional AEDs of high quality. For more information, see Mindray‘s official website.

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