How to play Rise Of Werewolves Slot is simple and easy to understand

Explore the world of betting on spinning symbols to redeem super attractive prizes with Rise Of Werewolves Slot version. Classic entertainment store with huge gifts attracts many people to experience. In the content below,  Nhà cái New88 will give detailed instructions on how to conquer and win!

Rise Of Werewolves Slot

Rise Of Werewolves Slot is a game designed based on a mystical story. Set when the blood moon is about to appear, it is also the time to signal that the hunt is about to officially take place. At that time, the kingdom was forced to find a team of knights to deal with and prevent dangerous threats coming to the town.

To do that, the main members’ task is to spin the reels to win and increase their bet up to 5,000. When the howl sounds, it’s also time to turn the icon up to find a way to kill the enemy.

The game is released by Spadegaming, one of the entertainment giants that any betting enthusiast has heard of. It can be said that Rise Of Werewolves Slot has new colors, a bit of horror elements, mysterious werewolf legends are waiting for you to explore, what are you waiting for?link  New88 to experience this fascinating game.

Outstanding advantages of Rise Of Werewolves Slot

Basically, Rise Of Werewolves Slot is considered one of the attractive games, attracting a large number of  New88 players who love the iconic spinning game because of its novelty and special colors that few games in the same line have. .

With a variety of symbols such as armor sets, warriors, werewolves, wild symbols, etc. Each symbol is labeled with a careful description, not requiring you to memorize it yourself like many games. other.

Especially when experiencing Rise Of Werewolves Slot, you will have the opportunity to receive 100 free spins with bonuses and expanded winning symbols to increase the possibility of exploding the pot.

Thanks to the impressive design and attractive storyline, the slot game version becomes mysterious, yearning to be discovered in the eyes of fans. Combined with virtual smoke and fog visual effects, and sensational slow and fast sounds, it gives you a very new experience.

Symbols included in the Rise Of Werewolves Slot game

Explore symbolic items with low to high value at Rise Of Werewolves Slot.

Low money icon

The card symbols with the lowest payout value in the Rise Of Werewolves Slot game include the following cards: 9, 10, J, Q, K A

High paying symbols

When conquering the forest and doing the task of protecting the kingdom, you will encounter symbols with relatively high payout rates:

  • Blonde man
  • Silver Knight
  • Blonde girl and warrior woman
  • Werewolves
  • Brunette knight

Play werewolf for free

The werewolf feature will be activated by 3 symbols on the reels, helping you easily win 100 free spins.

Some special symbols

In Rise Of Werewolves, there are some special symbols such as Wild, Scatter, blood moon feature, etc. That will support you while playing the game.

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Some tips for playing Rise Of Werewolves Slot effectively

New88 experts share some notes to help you conquer the Rise Of Werewolves Slot game more effectively.

Align the big bonus symbols

At Rise Of Werewolves Slot, there will be different levels of bonuses for winning symbols. The more valuable the image you spin, the more you will be able to sit and count money.

Pay attention to the pause time

In slot games, pressing stop also directly affects the final result. Please note that you should limit the use of automatic recording because you cannot be proactive.

Divide the bet accordingly

In each Rise Of Werewolves Slot game, in order to be able to participate in many betting rounds and stay in the rankings for a long time, dividing the bet money appropriately is extremely important. Normally, pouring all your capital into one round will cause psychological pressure. Unfortunately, if it doesn’t turn out as expected, it will be extremely miserable.

Basically, participating in Slot games will focus mainly on each player’s luck, just like playingBaccarat at the casino lobby. However, for professionals, they will know how to apply and use their skills to increase their chances of winning higher than usual.

The most important thing when playing slot games for rewards is to keep your mind stable, not to put money first, causing stress and tension. Remember that playing is for fun, not to win or lose.

Above is information from A – Z about the extremely attractive Rise Of Werewolves Slot version that  New88 wants to introduce to you. At the same time, pick up a few conquering tips from experts for newbies to refer to.

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