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Building Backlinks and SEO

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of competition out there on the internet. So how do you get your site stand out? One of the best ways is to build back links to your website.

A back link consists of nothing more than a link from another website back to your website. Back links inform search engines, such as Google and Yahoo, of how popular your site is. The more popular they perceive your site to be, the higher the search rankings.

Where can you get back links? There are many sources. One is on forums, search for a list of do follow forums or blogs to find some. The attribute “dofollow” is very important because it means that a search engine spider can crawl your website. Most blogs and forums have caught onto this technique and have implemented the “nofollow” attribute in their HTML. That is why it’s important to find do follow forum for blogs.

Creating an RSS feed can also help you gain back links. Submit the feed to a lot of RSS sites so that every time you update your blog that update will be on those sites.

Article sites such as Scribd can help you build back links as well. Here, the important thing is content. You need to provide quality, useful content to the reader. In exchange for this you can put a link back to your website next to the article.

On a final note, try to keep your back links coming in more or less naturally. You don’t want to add 200 back links in one night and then none for the next three weeks. Most search engines will view this as suspicious activity and your site will not rank as well.

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